Welcome to our family Daycare in Ersange.

Located in the Waldbredimus commune, our Daycare is ideally situated on the Remich road, close to Contern, Moutfort, Sandweiler and the airport. Come and discover our new, light-filled space, fully thought out and adapted to the needs of each child. A warm atmosphere with a large garden so that your little treasure can grow and flourish in contact with nature.

The advantages of Kannerdreem Ersange

Nursery of Excellence

A Daycare founded, managed and run by two educationalists specialising in education and support for children..

All-Inclusive and Flexible Contracts

Flexible, all-inclusive contracts (nappies, hygiene products, bottle of milk, toothpaste, educational outings, snacks, discovery workshops, external professional speakers, partnerships, etc.).

A Multilingual Team of Qualified and Experienced Experts

A team of multilingual professionals (French, English, Luxembourgish, German and Portuguese,) who are experienced, qualified and regularly trained.

Getaways in nature

Outings in the surrounding woods, on foot or in a buggy, to discover, explore and understand through intuitive and natural experiences.

Playful Exploration

A 650 m² garden laid out in several sections, including one dedicated to children who are not walkers, with a playhouse, tunnel, swings, mudkitchen, sandpit and vegetable gardens.

A Welcoming and Kind Nursery

A family Daycare on a human scale::

– Two separate houses that can welcome 24 and 20 children respectively, for families and small groups.

– Staffing levels higher than required by law.

Parenting Support

Support for parents: parents; café, apéro-expo, mini-training sessions, access to the professionals; library, external professional speakers.

Your Referent

A referent as a privileged contact

Local Collaborations

Partnerships with local companies and community players, enabling us to welcome animals into the garden, theatre companies, storytellers and other partners.

Childhood Development

We create a rich environment in which children can experiment independently, according to their wishes and needs.

An approach that establishes the child as a naturally competent and capable being, who uses his sensory, intellectual and physical experiences in the world around him to grow and evolve at his own pace.